"Bordeaux " Off Flamborough Head 1861 Census
William Nelson, 1815-1893 son of Luke Nelson and Abigail Garbutt,
married to Mary Ann Wardale.
Crew Members Status Age Rank Where Born
William Nelson Married 45 Master Whitby, Yorkshire
John Jinkerson Married 40 Mate Holt, Norfolk
James Harrison Unmarried 21 Seaman Whitby, Yorkshire
William Boville Unmarried 16 O Seaman Middlesbourgh, Yorkshire
George Havelock Unmarried 21 Apprentice Danby, Yorkshire
Soloman Marsey Unmarried 18 Apprentice Danby, Yorkshire
William Harrison Unmarried 15 Apprentice Whitby, Yorkshire
" Cornucopia " In Kent 1881 Census
William Nelson, 1827-1893 son of John Nelson and Mary Taylor, married
to Agnes Gibb Moors. The two William's are cousins
Crew Members Status Age Rank Where Born
William Ramsey Married 39 Master Whitby Yorkshire
William Nelson Married 50 Mate Whitby Yorkshire
John Cubitt Married 50 AB Seaman Blakney, Norfolk
William Bulard Married 63 AB Seaman Blakney, Norfolk
Joseph Paine Unmarried 19 O Seaman Sheilds Durham
Hannary Hugson Unmarried 17 Apprentice Whitby Yorkshire
Charles Howard Unmarried 15 Apprentice Gravesend Kent